Wine and Cheese Festival Sept. 21

Oh boy, the 21st, seemingly so far away while toeing the sand on the beach a few weeks ago, is RIGHT HERE NOW!

We expect 300 to 500 people at our Grand Tasting on Sept. 21 – I say this brings out the BEST in our customers. I know our staff gets jittery – especially me – because we keep an eye on the weather – it has never rained on the anniversary tasting, by the way (did I just jinx that?) – but so much is going on, so many small things need to be set – enough ice, cups, proper spacing for people to move around, it does get daunting.

But the bell rings, the first customers come in, the wine vendors go to work, the staff gets charged up – and we ALL have a blast.

We use to advertise this as just a wine sale, but it is really so much more. Certainly it IS a wine sale, but there’s cheese, foods, and now the Café, it’s a weekend’s worth of entertainment – and did I mention it’s free to attend?

We all look forward to seeing you Saturday, Sept. 21, from 2 to 6ish – there is a wine sale, there will be great food, and wine, well, we might spend days at the beach over the summer, but during the evening, we are tasting wines after wines after wines. For every one wine we select, we taste 10. Just like our motto – we drink bad wine so you won’t have to.

We haven’t forgotten our beer drinkers – we always invite Berkshire Brew Co. They were the first beer company to support us when we opened in 2004 and every year we renew our friendship – it doesn’t hurt that they have the purest essence of craft beer.

Our cheese selection always separates us from other stores who do tastings. They may have cheese platters – but nothing like what we bring to the table. We’re bringing in cheese makers from Hardwick, Mass. Our selections are carved from the good earth of Vermont, New Hampshire and the Bay State.

Chef Mike is cranking up the ovens to dole out delicacies – and we are proud of the Café – it was voted Best Lunch in Marlboro, and we haven’t even been opened a year!

The Anniversary tasting is fun, it’s our biggest event of the year, you will see your friends here, and we love seeing you all have a good time.

By the way, if you see Julie during the day – wish her a Happy Birthday – the 21st is her day as well.



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