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Vicomte Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky France

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Product Description

Bacchus eyed the calendar and sees Bastille Day on the horizon and thought a unique offering would be in the stars this week for this French holiday.

The Vicomte Single Malt French Whisky Cask Strength caught his fancy, admittedly one of the very few times he has wandered off the vineyard into the spirit world.

But there are associated grapes with this whisky — the Vicomte is aged in Cognac barrels, and of course, Cognac is a grape creation.

Truth be told, Bacchus has been enjoying the Vicomte for a few years – it is a mellow whisky with mesmerizing hints of spice and dram of sweetness.

He once used it as an ingredient in a Vieux Carre instead of Cognac and is considering patenting the drink.

Vicomte Cask Strength is a 9 year old single malt, with production limited to just 2,000 bottles per batch and each bottle is numbered.

Whisky connoisseurs will appreciate the higher ABV to drink neat, on ice or with a splash of water. The aging diminishes the heat with sweetness. You can easily identify orange, apricot, caramel, honey, vanilla and a hint of spice.

Did we mention that it is also organic? Organic single grain barley is used before distillation and eventual aging in first run VSOP Cognac barrels.

For a beverage audience that wants to push the boundaries of interesting and unique brands, we urge you to give the Vicomte a try, it has resulted in a quiet but loyal following at the Vin Bin the past few years.

Vicomte Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky
Regular price $64.99
On Sale $44.99
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Please note, Vicomte can only be retrieved at the 91 Main Street or
154 Turnpike Road locations.