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The Vin Bin is now featuring exclusive offers of unique, hard-to-find wines for pre-purchase through the website. These wines can be purchased online and picked up in-store at either location at your convenience. There is no shipping service for these wines, they are in-store pickup only. In light of the significant price reductions already added to these amazing wines, they are not eligible for The Vin Bin volume discounts.

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2017 Catchwire Reserve Chardonnay California

$14.99 $9.99

Regular Price $14.99

Bacchus Price $9.99

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Product Description

Bacchus offers this wine with a “wink and a nod.”


The 2017 Catchwire Reserve Chardonnay inside this bottle is actually harvested, produced and bottled by a very famous Californian winery, the only difference between that wine and this – is the label.


Imagine, if you will, a mechanized bottling and labeling machine. As the blank bottles (or shiners as they are known in the biz) wend their way down the conveyor belt, a robot slaps a label on the front. Now, at some point in the conveyance, the machine is replenished with Catchwire labels instead of the well-known one. Again, nothing was done to the wine, and as the wine makes its way down the assembly line, it gets redirected to an area where Catchwire boxes await shipment.


Why is this done? It is very common practice for wineries to provide their product under a different label to private companies, other wineries, restaurant groups or even retailers looking for a house brand.


This Chardonnay is well made and tastes well above its price class. Expect aromas and a palate of tropical fruit, mango, pineapple, with a touch of buttery oak that lends a vanilla flavor. It is consistent, year after year, and suitable for either food pairing, especially shellfish, or on its own as a cocktail.


Can we give you a hint as to the wine’s real identity? Let’s just say that this wine is among the most popular American made Chardonnays, priced anywhere from $11-$16 a bottle. It is commonly referred to by initials alone – two of them – which rhyme with each other.


If you bought this wine under its official label from the largest retailer in Massachusetts – you would pay no less than $10.97 a bottle – and we will admit, that is a really good price.


Or, you can buy the VERY SAME WINE with a different label for $9.99. We don’t know if this bottling will be made available to us again, we would advise stocking up. It is a hot holiday week coming up, and this will come in handy.


Your choice.


2017 Catchwire Reserve Chardonnay

Regular price $14.99

On Sale $9.99

Something about this wine is familiar.