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2016 Provenance Chardonnay Carneros

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Product Description

Bacchus is not quite done with the weekend’s 15th Anniversary bacchanalia. He still has several bargains in the pipeline and one just became available.


The 2016 Provenance Carneros Chardonnay is a good way to start your week. This Napa estate cultivates and harvests Chardonnay from its property in Carneros, which is that cool, foggy area closer to the San Francisco Bay – and if you’re driving up from the city into wine country, that is the appellation you encounter first.


What do we know about Carneros? Some of California’s most storied Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come from it. Unlike red grapes that need intense heat, the “Burgundian” grapes are more at home with cooler climates so the sugars don’t spike and create grapes good for only making into jelly.


Since this is Provenance Winery, expect higher quality than the commodity Chardonnays pumped out from California.


In fact, the 2016 vintage was the first Chardonnay under this label – and thus, created quite a buzz from the wine literati. Earning 90 to 93 points, mind you, from the critics. The grapes were produced in the famed Sangiocomo Vineyards. Bacchus does not expect readers to recognize that name – which is why you have us! This very famous vineyard is achingly embraced by some of THE finest Chardonnay producers in Napa/Sonoma. Here’s a few of the other wineries that share dirt with Provenance: Rombauer, Flowers, Benton Lane, Chappellet, Frank Family, Ancien, and many many more.


When we evaluate Chardonnay, we break it down into three categories: Unctuous, buttery, toasty, thick; or, crispy, light, crunchy apple, pineapple, biting citrus, high minerality, no oak; or, a bit of both.


Here’s what our tasting reveals: immediate notes of lemon and floral bouquet. Crunchy fall fruit, like early pear and Cortland apples. Seek and you will find vanilla oak, but very subtle. This is not a juice bar, as acidity keeps it inline and allows for a lingering, lean finish. For this bottling, the winemaker allows the juice to ferment on its lees, which is a common way to reduce the acidic harshness and provide the creaminess without being overly heavy.


What we found most intriguing was the amount of spice in the finish, which we really appreciated as this now becomes a great choice for fall seasonal dishes. We measure it more on the balanced scale.


The Provenance is a high quality, premium winery which uses new, small barrel French Oak, blends its lots to achieve the exact, perfect bottling and harvests its grapes by hand at night to keep the flavors concentrated and prevent early morning dilution.


All this costs money, and if you recognize some of the labels that are made along side this, you’ll understand. This is well worth every penny you can gather for this wine.


2016 Provenance Carneros Chardonnay

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