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2016 Mas des Bressades Cuvee Tradition Costieres de Nimes

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Product Description

Bacchus vividly recalls a trip to the South of France about this time more than 10 years ago, and that will be the basis for today’s feature.
The wine is from the Costieres de Nimes, a region just west of the Rhone Valley, anchored by the ancient city of Nimes, a Roman enclave in the middle of France, home to a Roman built Coliseum.
Bacchus recalls this trip well because on the morning prior to a vineyard tour, he wandered off from his Novotel Atria on the Boulevard de Prague into the old city. Realizing too late he had misread his watch and instead of the one hour down time he thought he had, it was really only 5 minutes. So he ran back to the hotel – not that easy – over cobblestones, and seemingly in circles as each alley and street looked the same in every direction, finally reaching the hotel entrance only to find a busload of unhappy wine professionals waiting on him. He was banished to the chase car.
Where were they headed? As luck would have it, to this very same winery he offers today, the 2016 Mas Des Bressades Cuvee Tradition, Costieres de Nimes.
Bacchus even has his old notebook and through purply stained pages, can still read his first impressions of the 2006 Tradition: “Sweet and dark fruits, licorice? Spicy, smoky, long finish, delicious.”
The Tradition was first imported by Robert Kacher – a larger than life Rhone lover and American importer of some of the finest value driven wines from France. This vintage is a blend of Syrah and Grenache, fairly typical in Nimes, as the small pebbly soil (galets) protect the sandy soils and keep in the heat needed to develop and ripen the fruit.
Cyril Mares, who met us that day in 2008 with his cousin Alix, own and manage the place. Despite the ancient property, winemaking techniques are modern with careful attention paid to retaining the freshness of the fruit.
Today, we find the 2016 an opulent ruby red, with fresh fruit and not so surprising garrigue herbs, given the terroir. Despite the exuberance of the syrah, the wine was elegant with a floral, almost violet note. It is still a mystery to Bacchus as to why Syrah does not sell as well as other reds. When done well, it is mesmerizing and brilliant with food.
There’s hope we can secure even more of the 2016, but for now, we have a limited supply. If you’re a fan of Rhone style reds, this hits the number at a drastically reduced price.
2016 Mas des Bressades
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