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2016 Fortress Sauvignon Blanc North Coast

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Product Description

Bacchus will close out February with a kiss towards an early and warm spring.


The 2016 Fortress Sauvignon Blanc is this week’s charmer and with it, we hope to bid adieu to a mild winter punctuated by a Championship and uncommon temperatures.


The seasons roll on and with this quencher in hand, we can almost feel the fresh grass under our feet, see the leaves on the trees and birds in the air.


The 2016 Fortress is the first vintage of this Sauv Blanc from the Jackson Family Wineries property on the North Coast of California. It’s said you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and with that in mind, we think Fortress has made a spectacular inaugural debut.


Beyond the attractive bottling, the first thing to greet you is a big, bold aroma of spring flowers, orange blossoms and citrus fruits.


Now for that first sip – the citrus is hugely present, with a zesty pomelo bite. Find some fresh goat cheese to spread on a baguette because the pairing is obvious. This is a refresher full of zest and zing and all the other “Z” words.


How did this come about? Starting with an absolutely textbook perfect vintage of 2016, the grapes set to warm days and cool nights with moderate rain. Bright and lengthy sunshine intensified the aromatics and moderated the sugars to allow for timely harvest.


It is no wonder the winemakers picked this vintage to showcase this wine.


To round out the steely edges, the juice was aged in neutral French oak – and the result was something on par with the best Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire.


As we approach spring, Easter and an occasion to enjoy seafood, the Fortress should be on your table. And Bacchus will make it easy for you to do so.

2016 Fortress Sauvignon Blanc

regular price $19.99

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Inaugural Vintage