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2015 Secret Indulgence Confession Red Blend Napa

$49.99 $29.99

Regular Price $49.99

Bacchus Price $29.99

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Product Description

Bacchus would normally consider this week’s wine a little later in the season, but given its pedigree, most likely this won’t be around for long, so let’s have at it.
It is the 2015 Secret Indulgence Confession Red Blend from Napa. Arriving in a big, dark, hefty bottle, the wine appears to be substantive. It appears to be well worth the $50 price range.
Not having much experience with this particular bottling, Bacchus did a deep dive, which in this case, means finishing a bottle or two — just to be sure what he tasted the first time was replicated the second time.
The blend is typical Californian “Bordeaux” style. Gobs of St. Helena and Rutherford Cab Sauv, Petite Sirah, Cab Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petite Verdot. With only 1300 cases made, it is more a boutique effort of winemakers Stephanie Putnam and Thane Knutson.
Stephanie Putnam? We know her! Bacchus recalls having a lengthy luncheon with her a few years ago before striking a deal on the fabulous 40th anniversary Raymond Cabernet Sauvignon Velvet edition. Remember this wine from a year or so ago? It was one of our all time bestsellers — and the Vin Bin was the top sellers in the state.
The Confession is similarly built – black fruits with hint of ginger — a Raymond trait — figgy, peppery and toasty accents. It’s a well built brick house of a wine. We didn’t get to try the wine with food, but given the assertiveness of the fruit, subtle tannins and robust juiciness, we suggest you match it with your most powerfully seasoned dishes.
As we reported, there’s not that much, but we have it at a great price, coincidentally, the same price we sold the Raymond Velvet Edition. Grab it all now.
2015 Secret Indulgence Confession Napa Blend
Regular price $49.99
On Sale $29.99
A sin not to try