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2014 Stephen Goff Pinot Noir Weber Vineyard, Oregon

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Product Description

Bacchus met with a trusted wine supplier recently and got a good tip, one he is passing along to you in the form of a wine more than suitable for the holiday.


The tip he got was to buy – as much as he could – of the 2014 Stephen Goff Weber Vineyard Pinot Noir. This Oregonian wine, sounding very expensive, is well worth the effort.


It is the side project of Stephen Goff – probably an unfamiliar name to most – but not to people who study these sorts of things. Stephen is the winemaker for Colene Clemens Vineyard – another Oregonian winery. But not just any winery – the Colene Clemens Pinot Noir was rated as a Top 10 Wines of the Year by Wine Spectator. Don’t bother looking, there’s no more to be found.


So how does this tie together? Stephen is the master behind the Colene Clemens wines – and as a side investment for himself, he created this small, artisan production Pinot Noir from Dundee Hills in Oregon.


In fact, Stephen has been Colene Clemens’ ONLY winemaker. It is a position he took after working six vintages for Beaux Freres Winery – and we can see eyebrows lifting on this note – BF is a highly sought after Pinot in its own right.


So the guy that trained at Beaux Freres, and is the only winemaker of a Top 10 Wine of the Year, makes his own wine for YOU. The tip is all making sense now.


The Weber Vineyard Pinot earned a 92 point rating from The Wine Advocate, a tough marker of Oregon Pinot, as it measures up to Burgundy red.


And, as convincing as our tipster was, we always use our “trust but verify” policy.


The uncorking of the Goff found dense aromas of red berries and orange peel, kitchen spices, cloves, espresso. This did not dissipate, in fact the aromas increased and the flavor easily matched the nose.


For a 2014, the wine was fairly lively, imparting a touch of acidity surrounded by slight tannin. Oh we found a winner winner, turkey dinner in this one.


2014 Stephen Goff Weber Vineyard Pinot Noir

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