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2014 Erath Willakia Vineyard Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills

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Product Description

Bacchus was presented with a take-it-all offer from a reputable distributor recently – and while the price point was up in the stratosphere – this is a luxury Pinot Noir afterall — with some fine tuning, he made it more affordable.


The wine in question is the 2014 Erath Willakia Vineyards Pinot Noir from the Eola-Amity Hills of Oregon. A quick googlization finds it rated highly among the wine critics, brandishing 92 points. And those of you who follow New World Pinot Noir closely know that Oregon is akin to the second coming of Burgundy.


What makes this Pinot different from, say, California? Different clones – cuttings – from Burgundy react differently in different climates. Oregon seems to be on par with the rich, French countryside and this creates wines in the image of the great Burgundian reds.


Here, the Erath, when opened, offers mesmerizing aromas of black berries, spice, toasted nuts – and where would we be without the telltale sign of clove and espresso? The drink is completely integrated with full flavor touching every receptor in your palate, and you come to realize that expensive wine does indeed taste better.


The Eola Amity Hills vineyards are blocked into small, single vineyards, each segment creating a unique flavor as weather and soil impart specific elements to the final product.


The 2014 vintage was one of the hotter years on record in Oregon, yet also dry. This meant an early harvest, but also meant a slow rise of sugars, which translated into a more balanced wine of fresh fruit, acidity and pleasingly low alcohol. New World wines tend to achieve a higher alcoholic level – this usually means higher sugars, riper fruit, richer, more glyceral wine.


But in Pinot Noir, especially when trying to emulate the great wines of France, balance is key rather than density.


For fans of true Pinot Noir (and not the Pinot that gets mixed with Malbec and Syrah) this wine is for you.


The refreshing burst of fresh fruit – alcohol coming in around 13% — the line of acidity that gives it the bones to match with hearty seafood, stinky cheese and roast chicken makes this an authentic and gratifying find.


Great Pinot Noir from Oregon can be expensive, and very limited. Only 1500 cases were made of this wine, that’s about 1 bottle per 1 million people. Lucky are those who get their hands on this wine. It is extremely tasty and we urge true lovers of authentic, real world Pinot Noir to grab a bottle while you can at this price.


2014 Erath Willakia Vineyards Pinot Noir

regular price $59.99

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