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2014 Domaine Vinci Carignon Rafalot Cotes Catalanes Roussillon

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Product Description

Bacchus puts his toes in the waters of the Mediterranean along the Southern French coast for this week’s feature.


The 2014 Domaine Vinci Rafalot Carignan Centenaire is in play, a direct import from one of the original French wine importers Kermit Lynch.


Rafalot – the name of the valley from which the grapes are sourced, is farmed in a smallish 1 hectare plot (2.5 acres) of 100 year old vines. The entire Domaine, which produces four wines, only makes about 750 cases. It’s amazing there is any of this available.


Domaine Vinci is located in the Roussillon, an area of France just southwest of the Rhone and hugging the sea between Spain and Marseille.


Having just returned from that region a few months ago, Bacchus still aches for the beauty of the land, the local cuisine and of course, the wine. The climate is friendly for this style of grapes – high heat, gravelly, sandy soils, off shore winds. For anyone who’s traveled to the South of France, the rocky mountain landscape rolling to the sea is breathtaking. It’s almost not fair that the inhabitants of Nice, Cannes, Marseille, get to live there AND produce wine like this.


So, a bit about the winery: It is a practicing organic farm, created by an enologist/wine shop owner and biologist. The two, Olivier Varichon and his wife Emmanuelle Vinci, settled in the rugged Agly Valley of Roussillon in 2001 and commenced to making wine. What they found was a hardscrabble landscape full of limestone, wild brush, shrub, dangerous outcroppings and ancient vines – the PERFECT combination. Talk about rustic. Because of the somewhat dangerous terrain, all vineyard matters are attended to by hand – and no use of outside agents, only natural, organic means.


And here’s an interesting find: Because the ancient vineyard they found was so remote it survived the phylloxera devastation in Europe. That means the vines are original — and not replanted onto to new rootstocks.


The Rafalot is the result of 100-year old Carignan vines – a grape that expresses some difficulty to harness. But when done correctly, it surrenders a deep, dark hue, with softening acidity, giving way to aromatic black berry fruit, refined palate and subtle spice, making it a wine meant for sharing with food. The earthy nature is relishing for Old World wine lovers – this is truly a wine of the land, full of character and deserving of some contemplation.


Because of the age of the vines, minerals and flavors from ancient times are drawn up through the thick stalks and imparted in the grapes – which by the way – see very little water and thus are restrained and concentrated.


It is hard to find this wine under $30, and in fact, it is hard to find this wine at all, as most shops which support it generally sell out quickly after receiving their pathetically low allocation.


We assume a “lost” few cases were discovered as the new vintages arrived. Which is even better – we get an additional year of bottle aging at no additional cost.


2014 Domaine Vinci Rafalot Carignan

regular price $29.99

On Sale $17.99

Original vines, original grapes