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2014 Domaine de Cebene Les Bancels, Faugeres

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Product Description

Bacchus’ love of Southern French wines knows no bounds.


The 2014 Domaine de Cebene Les Bancels from Faugeres in the Languedoc-Roussillon is another in a long line of powerful, well-built and totally under priced wines, vintage after vintage.


Bacchus saw the production and sources of many of the region’s wines first-hand and marveled at the splendor of the rugged vineyards and roaming hills running down to the sea.


It’s easy to love these wines when you’re sitting café side in the fortified city of Carcassonne enjoying a cassoulet. Like all our traveling friends who come back from the Old World and wonder why wine never tastes as good here as it does in, say Rome. Truth be told, there is no difference in the bottle – the difference is in your surroundings.


But Bacchus is here to tell you that this particular cuvee of Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache, even when sipped sitting in a cramped closet sized office inside Metro West tastes exactly as he remembers it.


Wines like the Cebene haven’t been around a long time – newcomers to the region – the result of enterprising oenophiles who’ve worked in older vineyards and are now making their mark on the world.


Long story short, the Cebene is the creation of Brigitte Chevalier, a one-time employee of Bordeaux’s Jean-Luc Thunevin. She discovered a series of high-altitude vineyards in the Faugeres, of course they weren’t just sitting there all neatly displayed, she needed to connect the terraced plots on rugged, schist-deep soil.

If only wine grapes could be grown like corn, situated in loamy rich plains suited for easy farming and harvest. But no. Vitis Vinifera need a struggle, need to work in difficult soil in difficult conditions to produce note-worthy wine. This wine is also organic, hand harvested and made in small batches.


Readers of Bacchus might pick up on this trend – yes we do look for wines like this because we respect the process and respect the people who toil to produce it.


The tasting:  Given that it is now 5 years old, the tannins still hold tight and march alongside a zesty mineral acidity which keeps the juice in line. Aromas are deep and soft with black cherry and blackberry. That herbal, spicy garrigue kind of gives off an aroma that takes you back to the French countryside.


With the rich flavors and spices, you might mistakenly think it’s been oak aged, but it has not. It’s all lovely, delicious fruit.


Bacchus asks for your forgiveness on this one; there is not much, and we have it only because our supplier offered the last five cases to us because he wanted to find them a good home.


Please take advantage of this.

Domaine de Cebene Les Bancels

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