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2014 Chateau d’Or et de Gueules Qu’es aQuo Costieres de Nimes

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Product Description

Bacchus plays favorites especially with winemakers he knows personally, as he believes in them and wants their product out to his people.


Today’s offering is the 2014 Chateau d’Or et de Gueules Qu’es aQuo, from Costieres de Nimes, South of France. It is a wine produced by the talented Diane de Puymorin. Diane is not a stranger to The Vin Bin, she has visited here along with old friend Carole Decouard.


The “Qu’es aQuo” is from ancient dialect still spoken in the South of France which roughly translates into “what is this.”

What it is is a sumptuous red wine, now enhanced with five years of aging of old vine Carignane. Welcome to a dark, earthy, silky and floral Nimes beauty.


How to describe this grape? Carignane was the most widely planted grape in France before the end of the 20th Century. Farmers liked it because of its hefty yield, however, its brash nature when harvested too early from too young vines made it better as a blending grape.


Winemakers worth their salt know that Old Vine Carignane, like this one, are a treasurer. The assertive tannins are diminished, the acidity balances out, the fruit is more pronounced.


As some winemakers lost patience with the grape, wiser winemakers revered the grapey treasurer they found in much older vines – the gnarly, yield-restricted vines produced truly transformed berries.

Long, hot spells were needed to ripen it properly, thus Southern France was the perfect location. It needed to be hand harvested, again, the human touch insured only quality berries made it to the sorting table.


The resulting yield is truly the cream of the crop. Wine drinkers are rewarded with a refined wine peaking with hefty floral and spice notes. The cassis, berry fruit is mildly addictive and the flavor lingers well beyond the last sip. For those who curious, it is also ORGANIC.


Bacchus visited this Chateau in Nimes several years ago, it is a winery just like you read about, old French farmhouse located at the end of a long country drive, canopied by overhanging leafy tree limbs. If you ever saw the Russell Crowe movie “A Good Year,” that is what the estate looks like.


Anyway, Diane makes a variety of Nimes wine, she poured this among her others for a Friday night tasting crowd at the Vin Bin about 5 years ago.

The wine doesn’t come cheaply, but we were approached by a supplier who knew we liked this estate, to take the last several cases of the 2014 – perfectly prime vintage.


We hope you enjoy this as much as we do – and the price’s not bad either.


2014 Chatea d’Or et de Gueules

Qu’es aQuo

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