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2014 Cacc’e Mmitte di Lucerna Apulia, Italy

$14.99 $9.99

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Bacchus Price $9.99

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Product Description

Bacchus is always looking to stretch your palate and found a great way to do so this week at a very attractive price.


The 2014 Alberto Longo Cacc’e Mmitte di Lucera – a red blend from the Apulia region of Italy is our offer. Admittedly, looking at the name, you might think someone made a typo. Seems to be lots of consonants. The term Cacc’e Mmitte is actually an old saying from this small village which loosely translates into “put in and take out” in local dialect. The saying handed down for centuries, seems to suggest villagers put in the grapes from their small plots, and then take out the finished wine to drink.


What does this matter to the wine? It’s just a way to set the tone for what this is – a rustic, Old World wine of grace and authenticity. And, this region of Apulia is close to Bacchus’ heart – as the region from which this particular wine hails from is Foggia, the ancestral homeland of the Bacchus family tree.


A blend of several local varietals, the most common being Montepulciano and Nero di Troia, the wine is aged in stainless steel and cement so the rich, floral and fruity aromas are kept intact.


The result is a vibrant array of well-balanced wild berries, minerals and light tannins. It’s a good near-the-end-of-summer red – not quite as light as Pinot Noir, nor as heavy as a Super Tuscan – but you could even give this a little chill and serve with charred fish. Or sit by the firepit and slice off some cheese and charcuterie.


We have carried this wine when available and have a small following of wine drinkers “in the know” who wait for the Cacc’e Mmitte to be replenished and scoop it up. The label leaves a lot to be desired as it does not tell you the varietals or give any indication of what exactly it is. We get that.


Bacchus feels more people ought to drink it and feel the realness of a wine from the Italian country side, and not have to pay a lot.


So today is that day.


2014 Alberto Longo Cacc’e Mmitte Di Lucera

Regular price $14.99

On Sale $9.99

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