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2014 Bouchaine Estate Pinot Noir Napa/Carneros Valley

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Product Description

Bacchus bets that some of you will find our next wine familiar, but how?


The 2014 Bouchaine Estate Pinot Noir from Napa and Carneros may ring a bell, and for good reason, the 2011 version was featured in the MMB several months ago.


It’s not quite like getting a second bite of the apple, more like picking a second apple from the same tree.


While the wine has changed vintages, the story has not, read on:


You wouldn’t think that there is any property in the entire Napa Valley that can be considered a fixer upper – that’s some of the most expensive dirt in the world. But in a corner of the valley – in Carneros — Gerret and Tatianna Copeland picked up a 60 acre former fruit farm and storage facility from Beringer. Now, this is before Carneros earned a reputation as a preeminent producer of Burgundian style whites and reds.


The Copelands rescued the land, planted wine vines and then 20 years later, hired Michael Richmond, the founder of Acacia Winery, to run the wine program.


Bouchaine makes several estate specific wines, and, as the winery likes to point out, these are “Burgundy style wines, with a California flair and Carneros terroir.”


In our opinion, it’s what makes Carneros a better value Pinot Noir than Burgundy. That’s probably not shocking to anyone who buys Pinot Noir. Red Burgundy is nearly impossible to buy for less than $30 a bottle, and that’s just for the entry level stuff.


For lovers of the subtle, fragrant rich and poignant palate of clove and spice – Carneros makes a strong statement.


Before we get into our offer, here’s our notes: The 2014 Bouchaine Carneros offers up exotic aromas of cherry, spice, clove and espresso.


We are thinking, hmmm, what holiday would this work with? Yes, Thanksgiving is the perfect setting for Pinot Noir, and if you hurry, you can get this bottling for almost half price.


2014 Bouchaine Pinot Noir MSRP $39.99

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