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2016 Parras Alfacinha Riserva Lisbon, Portugal

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Product Description

Bacchus browsed this particular wine and spotted a cable car on the label, and thought, that’s it! With San Francisco in the Pretty Good Bowl (without the Patriots how could it be Super?) and took it as a sign that this shall be the wine of the week.


The 2016 Parras Alfacinha Red Riserva from Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal, is a three grape blend, a cuvee of Touriga Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Syrah. The first two are typical red grapes of the land, used most prominently in the creation of Port. Here, the wine is fermented dry and aged in stainless steel with the Syrah adding a softness and relaxed tannic presence. Near the end of its aging, it spends some time in oak before release.


For a wine of this price, there’s a lot going on. It is not just grape juice jammed into the bottle, it has nuances of raspberry, plums, smoky dark fruits and aromas of the vineyard at harvest. Despite the softening tannins, there’s a structural make up which keeps it sturdy – a surprisingly zap of acidity.


This might be off the charts when it comes to quality to price ratio, there’s just nothing we’ve tasted recently that packs this punch for $10.


With a vintage now 3.5 years old, there’s plenty of freshness and while the finish is not built for an endurance test, it is very pleasing and well deserving of the quaffer moniker.


There’s a football game heading our way and you’ll need beverages.


Oh, and about the cable car on the label – that’s sort of an iconic symbol of the region of Lisbon, referring to a popular book in which the author traveled through the homeland and told of his journeys – the cable car represents travel.


2016 Parras Alfacinha Red Riserva

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