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2013 La Crema Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir Willamette, Oregon

$59.99 $29.99

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Bacchus Price $29.99

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Product Description

Bacchus understands the complexities of red Burgundy, which is Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir that sets the standard for all Pinot Noir across the globe. He understands that to drink a premium Burgundy, it takes time and patience.


He also knows that certain New World appellations – such as Oregon, mimic the character and personality of Burgundian red wines. In fact, Burgundy clones are used in Oregon. The varietal is greatly aromatic, has staunch acidity and addicting flavors – and also needs time to reveal all they hold.


So today, Bacchus presents a New World Pinot Noir, that recreates an Old World Pinot Noir at an age that is ready to be discovered – at a price that would raise eyebrows in both Old and New Worlds.


The 2013 La Crema Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon is today’s treasurer. And that in itself raises eyebrows – La Crema? The heavy hitting commodity wine from California? Yes indeed, but through the good graces and investment of the Jackson family, an elite piece of property in Oregon was invigorated into resuming its practice of generating high level wines.


The Yamhill-Carlton grows in a difficult, coastal landscape – which we like, and sprouts out a paucity of berries bursting with exotic spices and long lasting tenacity. Is it the thunderous Pommard from the Cote d’Or? Maybe not, but it does have the same virility.


Back five years ago, we might have struggled with this wine, its wildness and staunch tannin might have made it a challenge. But today, it has become a young adult, more refined and clearly showing signs of maturity and refinement.


And, a wonderful aroma – softly wafting black spicy fruit, curled around a cedar-tobacco nose, some earthy pine and espresso. It’s amazing what you can coax from your glass when letting it breathe a bit.


So while sniffing this wine may seem fun, getting to the actual drinking is the reward. The nose is followed by a juiciness framed by acidity and still lingering tannins. A touch of clove, kitchen spices reach the back palate and if you pair this with roasted poultry or fish, it is spot on.


Get your hands on this wine, the price is too good to pass up today – there is no more of it in Massachusetts at any price, except in Bacchus’ locker.


2013 La Crema Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir

Regular price $59.99

On Sale $29.99

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