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2012 Valori Inkiostro Merlot

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Product Description

Bacchus raised an eyebrow when presented this Merlot from a location not known for this grape. The fact that the wine made it this far to consideration meant it had something to offer.


We joined together and tasted this unusual production from Abruzzo, the home of more commonly produced varietals, such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzi.


The 2012 Valori Inkiostro Merlot from Colli Aprutini was indeed a pleasure to find.


Under recent Italian wine declarations, a new appellation was established in Abruzzo, the Colli Aprutini IGT, which includes the typical Monte and Pecorino wines, and now non-native varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay. As these are international grapes, they can only be classified as IGT, not DOC.


Bacchus understands that Merlot can range far afield when it comes to character – from the fruity, soft blending grape fruit bomb typical in inexpensive New World productions, to an earthy, dense and taut style preferred by Old World lovers.


So, with no preformed judgment, Bacchus waded in.

His notes: Aromatics of vanilla and dark berries, almost smoldering oak, much richer than first anticipated. The wine is fully integrated, with measured flavors, aromas, mouthfeel, acidity, subtle tannins, density all getting along quite well. For a region not known for Merlot, this was shockingly delicious – almost on par with well-made Bordeaux. Lush, full bodied and warm, while not quite an Old World style, definitely not juicy fruity. Given its age, the wine has held up very well, indicating a terrifically made wine. No bitter edges, no low spots – and the acidity levels kept it fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.


This wine, as you might expect, won’t be found in 99% of the wine shops you go into.


That’s why you have Bacchus.


2012 Valori Inkiostro Merlot

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