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2012 Artadi Santa Cruz de Artazu Garnacha

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Product Description

Bacchus wishes he could keep all of this wine for himself, but then he wouldn’t be a merchant, but a hoarder.


The 2012 Artadi Santa Cruz de Artazu Garnacha is on the block today. It is a bitter sweet day for our wine cherub – this is exactly the wine that he lives for – Old World, old vine Grenache, mellowed and aged to near perfection, resulting in an ethereal moment every time he takes a sip.


We know that Grenache of this quality, whether it be in Spain, France or even New World from areas such as Australia, tend to brim with deliciousness because the grape is built for pleasure. It is highly aromatic with pleasing fruit and floral aromas, its naturally higher alcohol level gives the wine mouthfeel – but not syrupy sweet heaviness. It is a darling of the food world because of its wide ranging appeal to many different dishes and cuisines.


Why is this kind of wine not in every grocery bag served every night? Because it is not cheap – and it is not as plentiful as we hope.

In fact, Bacchus was able to get the very last handful of cases of this wine still in America.


Here’s a little background:


Santa Cruz de Artazu is made of 100% Grenache grapes from the region of Navarra, Spain by producers of Rioja. The vineyard sees NO pesticides or herbicides. The soils of clay and limestone add to the benefit of the grapes – giving proper austerity during the growing season and intensifying the roots’ drive deeper into the ground to turn up exotic minerals and flavors.

We can see that this wine at one point must have been as tight as a drum, with its fruit and retreating tannic structure after years of maturing. The winery gives optimum drinking recommendations of up to 15 years, and we are in the middle of primetime.


We came across this wine by accident at a trade tasting. Bacchus sampled and sought out the supplier and made an offer for every last living bottle on US soil.


If you like Old World, if you like the taste of well-matured wine and like a bargain, then step up.


2012 Artadi Santa Cruz de Artazu Garnacha

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