Call us the Job Creators

Next week, Treasurer Steven Grossman will visit the Vin Bin with VIP from Marlborough Savings Bank to put a face on the latest program to help small businesses such as us create jobs.

The Small Business Banking Partnership provides funds to local banks, which in turn provide loans to small businesses to help us grow and add jobs.

The Vin Bin has benefited from this program by partnering with Marlborough Savings Bank. Their investment in the Vin Bin has allowed us to move into the Fire Station, create a cafe and nearly double our workforce. In fact, we are still looking for employees today.

Additionally, the Vin Bin has created a second location in Hopkinton — with the help of MSB — and that will lead to 10 more new jobs.

Such a simple, common sense program can result in employment dividends. And if a small business like the Vin Bin can add jobs to the economy, think about what major business can do with the same program?

We welcome the Treasurer to the Vin Bin next Thursday, and we are thankful to MSB for their investment and belief in us.

Now, to you job seekers — we still have positions to fill. And if you are passionate about our industry, love working with people, please give us a call. We are making every effort to help the economy.


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