Back to School in Vin Bin Academy

We’ve wanted to do this for a long time – and we had various attempts at it – through seminars at local hotels, through night courses at Assabet, but we always wished for our own classroom – our own location where we could bring the essence of the Vin Bin to our students.

And now we will.

Beginning Oct. 7, we are kicking off our Vin Bin Academy, to be conducted in the Café in the evenings. The setting is perfect – you’ll be surrounded by the various items you’ll be sampling and learning about.

I like our instructors. Marianne, who is quick, informative, a clear communicator. She’ll be leading some of the intro to wine courses. And there’s Fred – the former GM at Panzano, and highly respected Italian wine expert, who’ll be taking us to Italy. You may THINK you know Italian wine, like I did, but then you talk to Fred and he unveils layers of Italian wine that only someone who has lived the soil could explain.

We have the cheery and effusive Don Jean and Bill Livingstone conducting our spirits tasting primers in American Whiskey and Scotch. I’ve learned a great deal from them, and since my first love of drinks starts with wine, I needed some guidance – they are fantastic and I look forward to listening in to their class.

And then there’s Edi.

Where do we begin? Edi came to us as a customer years ago. Having taken cheese classes himself, he’s going to lead our cheese seminars. Edi amuses our staff. He creates our samples in Hopkinton and holds the staff accountable for understanding the cheese, why different honeys and jams influence cheese in certain ways, how to care for cheese. And he is VERY passionate about this. We call him the Cheese Mossad.

His classes are mandatory if you want to appreciate cheese.

The schedule is about to be released, we’re trying to nail down a couple of things, but we think you’ll be pleased with this semester.

Cost is $10 per class, but you get that back in the form of a coupon which you can use in the store.




One response to “Back to School in Vin Bin Academy”

  1. Lisa Benway says:

    I can’t wait! I have been dabbling a little with cheese making and have become pretty good at making Icelandic Skyr- I love it & think it could be as popular as yogurt!

    I will sign up for the newsletter