Hopkinton on for Jan. 30

Funny thing about new construction – you see workers, but there doesn’t seem to be much improvement – that’s what it was like in our new Hopkinton store last week. After weeks of work, the walls, floors, ceiling seemed unchanged, only the new beer cooler looked like anything had been accomplished.

On Monday last week, I had no doubt we were going to miss our opening date by at least a month – no way everything that needed to be done could be done in 7 days.

And suddenly, in the span of literally hours – everything got done! The walls were painted, the ceiling hung, the lights installed, the floor installed, the wine racks delivered, the plumbing piped in – miraculously, like elves came out of the woodwork during the night and cobbled it all together.

Any contractors who read this understand the process, weeks of labor all pay off when the cosmetics are done.

Kudos to our General Contractor Russ Rapoza, who said his job is to solve problems and meet deadlines. He has.

Look for us to open Wednesday, Jan. 30 at noon, 22 South St., Hopkinton Plaza.


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  1. Susie says:

    I want to wish The Vin Bin all the best on Wednesday as they open their Hopkinton store. As a Marlborough patron, I’m excited for the Hopkinton and surrounding town residents as well as the corporations in the area to experience the special nature that is The Vin Bin. Truly quality wines and beer, best variety of cheese around and an inviting atmosphere best explained by experiencing it. All the best!

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